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Mental Health Humor: State Penitentiary, Jail, Prison and Mental Illness

Posted Sep 28 2008 12:00am

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Mental Health Humor: State Penitentiary, Jail, Prison and Mental Illness-

It is estimated the 25% of prison inmates are dealing with a major mental disorder and another 16% will develop one in the course of time spent behind bars. For many of them it is too late, and all that can be done is to work the system even then it depends on the state or facility and from the inside. I will not get into the deplorable conditions many people dealing with mental disorders face while inside. No rather, lets talk about what can be done to prevent the prison door from shutting on us.

Now, if you’re lucky, then your “mental condition” has never lead you in doing something that requires the police to get involved. May be you’re lucky that, oh, I don’t know, that back in October of 1998 you decided to go out fooling around with a pellet gun in some semi-public area only to have a gun-ho JR police officer pull his gun and point it at your head while screaming all the time… “keep your hands where I can see them”… Well, maybe that wasn’t you. Oh the joy of youth.

Still, we make some bad choices while under the control of our mental disorder, some times, they can never be undone! This is why we must be willing to put the work into our recovery. So we can have control or at least, know when we should get more help. We can’t give up, or we might have a cell waiting for us, with a 300lb dude named Tiny as a room mate.jail,State Prison Inmates ,State Pen,mental health humor

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