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Mental Health Humor: Physical Activity = Better Mental Health

Posted Jan 21 2009 12:00am By: Chato B Stewart

 Mental Health Humor


Mental Health Humor cartoon Mom

mental health humor cartoon Dr. Bob Bob

Mental Health Humor:

Physical Activity = Better Mental Health


If we keep this up we’ll be cured in no time!


Physical Activity = Better Mental Health

It’s true we have talked about this many times before how physical activity and our Mental Health.  So there is no need to get into all the different so called studies that have been done.  What I want is some real facts!  Who among us have really used running or swimming to help our depression?  If you have what kind of depression were you dealing with?  I find it hard to believe that when I’m at my deepest depth of depression that is I go for a walk it will cure me… I in turn find it ludicrous to believe that the studies done focused on this type of depression.  Days when getting out of bed is the only far reach goal I have then how could going for a walk do much for me.

O.k. I do admit even thought I am a bit disillusioned with the studies I’ve seen that does not stop me from at least attempting to make some application of it.  So, even when my clinical mind wants to to just give up I will have faith and hope that ever attempt to improve my mood will in some way work to change my mood.

It’s not blind faith, I know it works and does help, but the help is geared more for preventive measures not to get out of the funk that blackens my mind.

A total of eight observational and five intervention studies were identified. Evidence from observational studies indicated that physical activity was inversely associated with depressive symptoms in young women. Even a small amount of physical activity was found to be associated with reduced depressive symptoms. No clear dose–response relationship was shown. Evidence from intervention studies indicated that physical activity reduced depressive symptoms. Direct study comparisons were difficult due to variations in study methods and measures. The studies provided little or no information on understanding dose–response effects or on the mechanisms involved.



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