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Mental Health Humor: Mid-Night Insanity - Slide Show

Posted Aug 31 2008 12:00am

Mental Health Humor cartoons jokes chato b stewart

Mental Health Humor:
Hello every one! I hope your long week-end is going well… Please be safe and watch them little ones around the water or pool. I had such a great week in the Recovery Peer Training and I hope to be able to work with it. I still have a few more hoops to jump but I am on my way. I have my 1000 hours that is required. Well, I have a lot more than 1000 hours over the last 5 years but most of my volunteering was for my own group that I had to start and run, but The DBSA was able to back me up and all my years of hard work will be able to be counted. Then there are all the trainings, I took with NAMI and other classes that I can count and the volunteering at the drop-in center and a number of other places. It is funny, I never knew how much experience and time I have put into my personal mental health advocacy until I had to sit down and write it all down for the peer recovery training. It actually looks like a real resume… Now I only have to figure out how I’m going to get the $200.00 I’m going to need so I can get my school records, fee for the certification, and a few other little things that I need. The good news is I have 60 days to get that money. So, I’m sure something will work out… I have not worked for a few months now and we are down to our last pennies…

Hey, maybe I will win this month Viewer’s Choice Award… LOL The winner gets a cash bonus… If the judges are reading this, let me just say, what a great job you do at, and what great people you are, what straight teeth you have… Is that too much? Oh Well…

Also we will be hitting a mile-stone with the 80 Mental Health Humor Cartoons being web-published. I already have the next 10 in the works and soon we will have 100 cartoons… I was thinking of maybe looking into making a calendar or a coffee table booklet of them… What do you think?

I tried to make a slide show with flickr I hope it works for you. I’m having a problem with posting it but here is the link to it. granted for non-profit use by artist: Chato B. Stewart.

^^^ When using this cartoon on your non-profit blog you must link us.^^^
Thanks for dropping by:

Chato B. Stewart
Mental Health Advocate - Cartoonist - and a few other things!

“Using Humor to Heal and Educate with badly drawn cartoons.


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