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Mental Health Humor: Mid-Night Insanity - Mental Health Humor: Mid-Night Insanity - You Can’t Spill, no I mean SPELL

Posted Aug 29 2008 12:00am

Mental Health Humor cartoons jokes chato b stewart

Mental Health Humor: Mid-Night Insanity - You Can’t Spill, no I mean SPELL
I just wanted to say I’m sorry to my readers for the lack of proper editing and the many grammatical errors this week. We have been staying at a hotel that has limited internet access. Some times it would not let me log on to my Admin page and other times it would. Some times it would save the edited copy of my post and well, other times, it did not. So, I just wanted to say I’m sorry for to all you nitpickers and typo finders that had your hands full reading the blog this week. I know how important spelling and proper English is when blogging, and hey, I’m sure you would like to know what the heck I was trying to say when I wrote it. I also respect the fact that you are taking your time to come here and read my blog and you deserve to at least be able to read it with out having to say … what does that mean or what is he trying to spell???

Please for give me, and I want to make sure to tell you that all the errors you typo hounds found belong to me and me alone. If you see a post with out a typo or missed spelled word, well that is due to the hard work of my well-educated and loving wife who has 3 decoder rings and special decrypting software just to try and make sense of what it is I am really trying to write.

Now I could just say hey, this is me, I live with dyslexia and spelling and grammar is what it is… But, no, why should I make you all suffer when I can have my wife edit it right!

Still, there will be naysayers, people who need to point out my errors and others that may take one look at my post see the messed up spelling and grammar and leave… To them I say this… don’t let the fact that I can’t spell change your view of the message I am working hard to pass along. Mental health and recovery is important and humor and laughter can help with coping with these serious disorders … So, please remember even a dirty diamond is still diamond and is none the less valuable.

That being said… Here is today’s cartoon. This cartoon is about who should you tell when you have a mental disorder?

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Permission granted for non-profit use by artist: Chato B. Stewart.

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Chato B. Stewart
Mental Health Advocate - Cartoonist - and a few other things!

“Using Humor to Heal and Educate with badly drawn cartoons.


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