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May I Borrow a Cup of Internet?

Posted Sep 08 2011 7:13pm

I am not ashamed to admit that I have an Internet addiction. Fortunately, I can justify my addiction because of work and school. However, when I cannot get an Internet signal or the one I have is a little sketchy I get very twitchy. I have been quite twitchy the last few days.

The people I’m staying with our great; however, they are a little backwards in the technology department. Get this! They do not have Wi-Fi! I did not think there are many people left in the world who do not have Wi-Fi, and they are one of the few. I have been using a rather weak Internet connection to access my blog, my work website, and my school website. Today, after spending over an hour trying to connect to the Internet I finally had enough.

They have neighbors on either side of the house, and I went to each neighbor and asked if I could borrow a cup of Internet. The house with the young people was not so receptive, which surprised me. However, the house with the old guy was a totally different story. About 20 minutes or so after I rang his doorbell, he showed up over here and play to security key into my computer, so I could use his Internet. Yay!

The twitchy feeling is already going away, and I’m looking forward to pounding out some articles for work. Plus, I have an English test any to take, and an essay for my psychology class, Interpersonal Effectiveness, I need to write.

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