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Married to a Narcissist-Addicted to the Lifestyle

Posted Sep 22 2010 11:27am

Even though many spouses have grown to despise their narcissistic spouses, they are addicted to the flashy lifestyle, the ability to travel to any corner of the world, to satisfy their needs to purchase whatever they desire, to be noticed as the chosen partner in the golden couple.
Narcissists can make the divorce process unbearable for the soon to be ex-spouse. They play very dirty, lying and manipulating their way through the process. Once the papers are signed, most narcissists are off to their new life with another partner with whom they have been previously involved. The abandoned spouse is often left with limited financial resources and deep emotional and psychological pain. Some ex-spouses put their lives back together after a long journey of self recovery. They recognize that they had been mistaken. They thought they had married someone whom they loved and would reciprocate. Instead they became deluded and lost in the sparkling vision of the narcissistic lifestyle. To protect yourself from these fateful relationships and to become highly knowledgeable about every facet of the narcissistic personality, visit my website:

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.
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