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Lovely Shiny Awards of Much Joy and Happiness

Posted Dec 30 2010 12:30pm
Since 2008 inclusive, the wonderfully entertaining and informative  Mental Nurse (MN) website has been running its annual This Week in Mentalists (TWIM) Awards.  The awards are voted on by the readership of the blog; many are featured regularly in the weekly TWIM round-ups that highlight each week’s writing in the Madosphere, though some – such as a few that I nominated in this year’s awards – are fairly new to the site.

Last year, I was placed third in the “Best Personality Disorder Blog” category, which was a complete shock – but of the most delightful nature, of course.  I’ve picked up a few awards since , but it was still the one that mattered most to me, given as it was awarded based on the votes of people who are the authors of some really brilliant blogs.  To be recognised by them was astonishing, and incredibly flattering.

This year the words Confessions of a Serial Insomniac once again appeared on MN’s awards nominations thread .  And this time, to my utterly thrilled bewilderment, I have won the “Personality Disorders” category. WON it!!!  Really WON it!

2010's Best Personality Disorder Blog

2010's Best Personality Disorder Blog - Amazing!

What’s more, not only have I won the “Personality Disorders” category, I have also won the “Best Psychotherapy Blog” award!  Not claimed a runners-up position but, again, won it.

2010's Best Psychotherapy Blog

2010's Best Psychotherapy Blog - Amazing in Duplicate!

I am pathetically dumbstruck; completely at a loss for something adequate to say.  I knew I’d picked up a few votes from when I last checked the nominations thread, but I really didn’t expect to win either – never mind both – category/ies.

The runners-up in the “Personality Disorder” category are two of my favourite blogs, namely  Bippidee and that of my oldest Twitter friend, Conversations With My Head .  In the “Therapy” category, the brilliant Discussing Dissociation (by trauma therapist Kathy Broady) and a new blog to me, that of Dr Deb , share the award.  It is an honour to even be mentioned in the same breath as Kathy Broady, as her blog has been one of the most personally helpful to me over the past couple of years.  I was also thrilled to see Blooming Lotus , one of the most heart-wrenching but inspirational blogs I’ve ever read, take the winning position in the “Stress-Related” category.

I could go on and on – other great blogs did well, a number of my blogging friends did well, but instead I’ll just tell you to go and check the results out for yourself :)  Congratulations to all winners, runners-up and nominees.  All of the wonderful blogs mentioned are making their mark on the mental health blogosphere, and as such are helping to break down barriers and stigma.  Here’s to the Madosphere!

Also, can I just say a huge thanks to both Mental Nurse himself, now retired alas, and of course Zarathustra, for their tireless devotion to the Mental Nurse blog, in which so many of us have found found fun, information and even solace over recent months and years.  You folks are teh r0ck.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop being amazed and surprised by the fact that anyone – never mind that ‘anyone’ includes such a wonderfully smart and supportive group of people – care what I have to say.  But I am extremely grateful and deeply honoured, and it is a pleasure to know you all.

With love

Pandora <3 xxxxx

(I should also add that last week I was placed in the “ Top Ten Health Blogs ” over at Blogger’s Choice Awards.  This was great to receive as it, like the Mental Nurse awards, was based on votes, rather than the popular ‘meme’ type awards that permeate the blogosphere at times.  Nonetheless, I didn’t really acknowledge it here, as it’s not as important to me as the above recognition, nor the PTSD award I received in August, are.  The reason?  Because I know the blogs I was ((for want of a better term)) ‘competing against’ in the TWIM and PTSD awards are excellent and deserve much praise, whereas I am not familiar with the others in Blogger’s Choice. It’s still a pleasure, though, and one for which I’m grateful :) ).

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