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Love, Yourself *March Update*

Posted Mar 27 2013 11:39am

This month has been a killer.

Between fibromyalgia flare ups and fertility treatments, I've been exhausted physically, but hopeful. Things are changing and change can be a very good thing. It's been a month of progression and thoughtful questioning in regards to the future. And I'm looking forward to April!

March's letter posted this month and the results are in . . .
Past Problems:
Update: Miraculously I have managed to take my Vitamin D (since I'm severely deficient) every day this month!I'm not currently taking any vitamins because I don't know what I can take with my other medications and I'd rather not worry about it right now. Vitamin D is my only deficiency so I'm concentrating on that one for now. As for ignoring my health concerns, that's clearly long gone as the past few months have been nothing but constantly monitoring my health!
Past Achievements:
Update: Self esteem has been high on my priority list lately and I'll go into more detail with that on another post. As for the pink hair, my roots are showing and it's time for a touch up, but in the meantime I've developed a new addiction to wigs! I've got a small collection and I feel so good about myself when I wear them! I still love my pink hair of course, and nothing has ever felt more me than pink, but it's fun to switch things up from time to time!
Past Weight:
Update: Fertility treatments have put my hormones in a bit of an uproar this month and I'm retaining water pretty badly but you know what? I don't care! Again, I'll go more into this in another post, but right now I'm only caring about my health (physical, mental AND emotional) and the only reason I'm keeping track of numbers is for future reference should I ever need it. And this month's number is roughly around 245.

Past Pics
2010                     -                     2011                     -                     2012

I love this new light brown wig! It really reminds me of my natural hair color (without the thinning in the back!) and the style of this wig is the same as my red one and I'm a big fan (I wish they came in more colors). Plus, as much as I adore my pink hair in the 2012 pic (and it's my go-to icon for just about everything) I can't help but think I look younger in the 2013 pic! And for a girl who's 28 going on 29, that's a good feeling LOL!
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