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Love,Yourself *April Update*

Posted Apr 30 2013 11:00am

I'm laughing because in March I wrote "I'm looking forward to April!" and it's so funny because April was pretty much a suckfest. But I survived, and I learned and I progressed and all that spiritual positive shit, and somehow I'm still here to write about it.

Let's get this show on the road!

April's letter posted this month and the results are in . . .
Past Problems:
Update: Somehow water was not my downfall this month. I actually bought a bunch of large water bottles to keep in the fridge at all times because we really made a lot of changes in our food and drink in April - and guzzling water was one of them. Unfortunately thanks to fertility medications, side effects of said medications, allergy season + nasty New Mexico winds, and a head cold we decided to pass around the house so it was a month full of the sickies. Hydrated, but still sick.
Past Achievements:
Update: It was a bad month, but you know what? Even though I might not have been living furiously happy, I have been trying to live more in the moment, be more of my authentic self, even if that's not always the prettiest, the most joyous. It's real, and it feels easier, which feels good.
Past Weight:
Update: As I've mentioned before, I'm no longer concentrating on the numbers on the scale (especially since medications are causing a lot of crazy ups and downs with my weight depending on the day) as opposed to how I feel and how my health really is. However, I do still have OCD and a need to be consistent with recording things, so as of today my scale reads 244.

Past Pics
2010                     -                     2011                     -                     2012

This is seriously the only picture taken of me this month and it cracks me up. Since I spent a good portion of the month in bed, I was rocking some awesome bed-head that Matt snapped a picture of one evening. It is seriously time to bleach some roots.
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