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Posted Nov 04 2009 10:07pm
After seeing the doctor I was given a prescription for Lamictal, a highly affective drug with only 1 side affect which happens to be Stevens-Johnson Syndrome...which can cause death...lovely.

I'm not refusing to take this but I can't help but think to myself, "pot is illegal but this stuff is perfectly fine!?" How the hell can this be justified? Anyway, I'm going off on a completely different subject. I haven't noticed a difference yet, obviously, but I'm hoping it will help with the bi-polar occurrences soon. I'm at the point where I'm all but done trying to pretend to be happy.

I really hate contributing to the drug companies but I don't have any other options. I'm not in a position where I can simply snap out of it so I have to rely on a pill that can be very dangerous if taken improperly. I suppose I just have a fervent indignation towards entities which profit off the sick instead of putting the patient first. See, there I go again with my digressions. Maybe it's time to stop watching political videos all day.
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