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KSBY Interview on New Year’s Resolutions

Posted Jan 09 2010 11:17am

Along the same theme as my previous blog post, our family was asked to participate in an interview with our local NBC affiliate for a segment on New Year’s Resolutions. We received a phone call from our Jenny Craig Centre director, asking us if we would be willing to do this in the next half hour, so we all piled into the car (usually we walk the one mile to the Centre). I suppose we are a good story of weight loss for the new year. Collectively, our family has lost a medium-sized NFL linebacker by using Jenny Craig.

Kristin, Karen, and I check out the "I Did It" bulletin board at Jenny Craig prior to our interview

Once there, the journalist conducting the interview asked who wanted to do most of the talking, and unfortunately, everybody pointed at me. I guess I do get paid to talk, so that’s probably fair. After we did a short interview about how Jenny Craig helps us meet our weight loss and maintenance goals, the journalist took some more video, including Mr. F’s feet as he stepped on the Centre scale. As one of our family’s favorite films is Zoolander, Karen had to ask if Dad’s feet were able to do “blue steel” or “magnum.”

We didn’t stay up until 11 p.m., when the segment was supposed to show, because we had to get up at 2 a.m. to get Karen to her very early flight out of Santa Barbara to go back to school. We’re guessing that Mr. F’s feet may have been the part that stayed in….

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