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Knights in Scuffed Leather

Posted May 16 2011 4:08pm
May 16, 2011 | Author Melissa Shell

A few weeks ago – when I was in the North Georgia mountains – I  locked my dog and my keys in the car. It did not happen because I had gotten distracted and accidentally left the keys behind. Instead, I had made a conscious decision to leave the key in the ignition, with the engine and air conditioning running.

I was heading back to Augusta, and had stopped for coffee. Because of how warm it was outside, I was afraid Minnie would get overheated in the car while I was inside. I came up with what I thought was a great idea to keep Minnie comfortable and safe. I took the ignition key off of my key chain, and then left it in the car ignition, with the car and the air conditioning running. I had the clicker – the car unlocker – so I felt confident that as soon as I got back to the car I would have no problem opening the doors.

Things did not go according to plan. When I pushed the unlock button on the clicker, nothing happened. I pushed it several times to make sure it wasn’t my imagination and the doors still did not unlock. Thinking there might be a glitch somewhere, I decided I would just go through the trunk to access the car. So I tried to pop the trunk. Nothing happened. Minnie was attached to her car seat, and the air-condition was blowing right on her so I knew she would be okay – for a while at least. However, it was disconcerting to know that she was locked in the car.

I figured this is one of those times when I was absolutely going to have to ask for help. So I turned to a young man – whose car was parked near mine – and asked him if he knew how to break into a car. He immediately called over some friends of his – who turned out to be a whole biker family. There was biker grandma all the way down to biker grandchild.

One of the biker family members stood out more than the rest. Not only did he have an air of authority about him, but he also stood out because of the very detailed naked lady that was airbrushed on the back of his jacket. He put himself in charge of getting my car unlocked. Within about 15 minutes, he had managed to unlock the car.

I offered to give them some money for taking up so much of their time, but they refused it. The guy with the naked lady leather jacket winked at me and told me he was on vacation. Grandma biker told me God must have wanted them to stop there for more than just a “pee break”. The original young man I asked for help told me he would have felt bad if they had left me stranded.

The lesson I learned from this is to never judge people by how they look – or by the naked ladies on their leather jackets. This whole family and their friends jumped in to help me without hesitation. They were rough looking, used quite a bit foul language, but they had no problem sacrificing a bit of their time to help another person. The more well-dressed people at that gas station did not offer to help, and just passed on by as if none of us were there. These guys were definitely my Knights In Scuffed Leather.

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