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Jia’s Strategy

Posted Oct 30 2010 8:00am

I do not know about ya’ll, but I have really enjoyed reading everything Jia has shared with us this week. It is amazing to think, there have been two fellow bloggers in a row that I have so much in common with. It makes me feel less alone.

Today Jia of Color Me UnTypical is sharing her “bad day” strategies with us.

To account for my bad days, I do as much as I can on my good days. I do as much housework as I can on my good days and do what I can to get by when I’m not feeling so good. I’d rather say, “I accomplished loading the dishwasher!” Instead of, “I thought about cleaning the house and then got completely overwhelmed because there’s a todo list of about a thousand different things and I don’t have time for any of them.”

I make simple meals ahead of time and freeze them. That way if I’m not up to putting together a lunch for my husband, there’s one already made. I also freeze almost all of my fresh bought veggies because sometimes I’ll hit a slump where I won’t cook for a few days and then everything goes bad. I’d rather have it frozen than growing moldy in the fridge.

If my husband and I are out in public and I feel a panic attack coming on, we have a secret phrase that I use that lets him know that I need to get out of there. That’s usually his cue to politely excuse us from whatever situation we’re in, without bringing attention to me.

I also keep music that helps me deal with things on my phone. I know I always have my phone, so if something happens and I need to quickly distract myself, I can pull out my phone and listen to some music. No one really pays attention to the person with headphones on, but they do look at the girl who’s counting ceiling tiles and scratching her fingers raw cause she’s having a panic attack.

Another trick I’ve learned is to keep a journal. Not a regular journal, just something to dump my thoughts into. Every morning when I wake up, I open my journal and just let words flow. If I don’t have anything on my mind, I just write down thoughts and words as they appear. Most of it doesn’t even make sense, but it’s almost a way to reboot my brain. Empty out the garbage so I can start my day off with a clean slate.

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