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It's a Brand New Day!

Posted Dec 10 2009 5:50am
Every morning is a fresh start. Isn't that FANTASTIC!?! I work hard to restart my attitude, take time for a quiet time and rejoice that we get to try this again. I tell my kids "It's a new day. Let's start over and make it great". Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't.
We have 18" of snow in Nebraska. It is something or other below zero (does it really matter at that point?) We had 2 snow days and all activities were cancelled the last two days. That meant a lot of together time. Good for the kids but tough for them. Teddy reacted by pushing away. Yesterday when he started with his ranting and raving again "When I leave this stinking house I will never be back. You will never see any of your grandchildren. I'm going to sue you." It went on and on. After awhile he of course, felt guilty, because he has attached at least some to us. So then the healing conversation began.

He is a tough one that Teddy. He is 17 1/2 years old. He is nearing the age of being an adult. That has to be pretty scary to him. I told him the only person I knew who was sadder than me during that conversation yesterday was him. I felt bad for him. I said "You are so confused about it all." He was quiet. The conversation went on and on but I will end it by saying that today is a new day. We begin again. We start fresh. He will have opportunities today to make amends. There is always hope as long as they are breathing!

P.S. I have an excellent article I'd like to post but you can't copy and past with blog spot. Anyone figure out how to do this without just typing the whole thing again?
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