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It is "Addiction" or Is It "Over-Use"?

Posted Jan 07 2009 6:52pm

I like to do a lot of things - - - but are they overuse or addiction?

I enjoy the internet.

I shop, especially buying books!

I love to nap.

And love eating chocolate.

I use sunscreen moisturizing lotion keep my skin vital.

Though these are just a few of my unique behaviors, only one is an Addiction. Another is Over-Use. And the remaining ones are activities and behaviors that I can curb without difficulty.

So, what's the addiction? -------------->Chocolate.

And I have an over-use book-buying habit.

It is important to distinguish between OVER-USE of a substance or an activity and a compulsive ABUSE or ADDICTION to a substance or an activity.

For many people, the line between OVER-USE and ABUSE is not clear.

Is surfing the net every day over-use or abuse?

Is having a beer every day over-use or abuse?

Is checking the sports baseball stats each week over-use or a gambling addiction?

Is having sex frequently over-use or an addiction... or is just an aspect of an active libido?

What about watching video game playing?

Television viewing?


Dr. John Grohol over at Psych Central has a great post about internet over-use and addiction, and looks at substance addiction and over-use here. And my blog-buddy at Anxiety Addictions and Depression Treatments has numerous posts on the subject.

What are your addictions?

What do you overuse?

And when do you know if treatment is necessary?
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