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It All Starts Right NOW

Posted Jan 20 2011 10:51am
So here's the deal... as I mentioned earlier I've decided that it's time for me to try my hardest to be med-free and if that's not possible then to at least be on the least amount of meds possible and on the lowest dosages.  In my heart I truly want this to work out - I no longer want to be on any medications whatsoever.  This is not a decision I came to lightly, nor is it something I will not take seriously because it is serious, very serious.

A number of years back (maybe 6 or 7?), I stopped taking my medications because I thought I was feeling fine and no longer needed to take them.  I was fed up with putting who knows what into my body...  but it was a dumb move.  It was dumb because I did so without any support whatsoever.  I wasn't seeing my therapist at the time and I did not inform my doctor of my decision.  As you can imagine it didn't go very well.  I want to say it was around the fall of 2003 when I stopped taking them.  Gradually my depression and anxiety grew worse.  By February 2004 I had my first nervous breakdown.  It was then that my life truly changed.
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