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is something rong with my brain?

Posted by xxaya03

I'm kind of scared. I have been really clumsy. I have been trippin,faling down,wen I want to reach for something I can't it looks like I'm going to reach it, but wen I do, it's not on the right place. sometimes I find mysel trying to say something but it's just dificoult to make it come out, as I dont have the energy to make sound or something. One new thing that I have noticed, is that my body on one side it kinda fells asleep sometimes. like wen you dont move or wen you sleep on your arm? maybe is that but.. All this, please help! :[ 
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It could be that these things are all related to each other or maybe they are separate things. . the tripping or falling - does this happen often? the clumsiness - does it get worse when you are worried and focussing on it? Same with the speech problem?  On the face of it, it could be nervousness or stress that impairs our ability to move and speak and focus. . it's nothing to be scared of. . . this can be alleviated through relaxation and deeepbreathing.  And if it is this, then the body falling asleep - well, that can happen when you are anxious or stressed out.

But you should find out for sure if it is something else, all it takes is a doctor's visit, describe what you are feeling and they will tell and put your mind at rest, one way or the other.

Ps. the reaching out to grab something, and it's not in the right place - could be that you need glasses? see, it's not always as bad as you think. .just get it checked out professionally! :)
See a doctor immediately. These are serious neurological symptoms that require prompt attention.
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