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Is it a mental disorder when you have had a problem and you repeatedly replay the problem in your mind?

Posted by ryyvnn

I have repeatedly told my wife to stop spending money. I find myself practically broke after 3 years of working in Iraq. She continued to spend. I eventually found myself repeatedly going over in my mind in different avenues of arguements with my wife, Saying to myself what I wanted to say to her. And I could not sleep.

I imagine things that could occur, not have or will occur. I can go off on many different tangents of how to respond to this person who has offended me. All in my mind for hours at a time.

If someone does make me mad I do end up steaming over it. I go over in my head how I should have responded as well as all of the different ways I could have responded, all in an angry and very vindictive manner.

So in effect I take an event or an imaginitive event and can obsess over the very many ways it should have gone or could have gone. I get very angry within myself and until I express the situation to the appropriate individuals( the actual sitautions) I will obsess and become angry over the possibilities.

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this is not a mental's a light obsession, I'd say. It's easily treated by psychotherapeutic sessions. No medications are usually required. Counseling should help.
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