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If You Can’t Be Honest, You Can’t Change!

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:24pm

There are many ways that people “mess up” their lives.  Unfortunately, ” when many people try to stop “messing up”, they ”mess up”?

One of the biggest ways people “mess up” is by not being honest!

If we are “messing up” in some part of our lives, it is not an accident.  We are either consciously or unconsciously choosing to “mess up” or failing to make choices to stop “messing up”. 

People who fail to stop “messing up” are oftentimes in denial.  They are focusing on what they feel they need to do to solve their problem, rather than being aware and honest with themselves regarding their problem.

Let me provide you with an example.  Some people “mess up” by over-eating or eating the wrong foods.  Overweight people frequently talk about wanting to diet.  Let us be honest, do overweight people really want to diet or do they really want to overeat?  In order to lose weight, a person must be consciously aware of wanting to over-eat.  If a person remembers that he or she wants to over-eat, they can make conscious choices to over-eat or eat less.  Conscious choices will be more successful, when we don’t deny or overlook how we “mess up”.

If you are a smoker, then you must be honest and consciously remember that you want to smoke.

If you are failing in achieving a goal, then you must remember that you consciously or unconsciously want to fail.

If you are violent in your relationships, then you must be honest and remember that you want to be violent.

If you can’t be honest about how you are messing up and why, then you can’t change!  Honestly isn’t the total solution for stopping ”messing up”.  However, honestly is the first step and a very important step if you want to stop “messing up”.

The bottom line will be:   If You Can’t Be Honest, You Can’t Change!

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