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If This Writer’s Block Doesn’t Relent I’m Going to Jump out a 2nd Story Window (Anything Higher Would Hurt)

Posted Jan 18 2010 6:55pm

As a writerI’ve been very lucky insofar as I’ve been able to produce articles and posts at a fairly regular and consistent pace. The intellectual giant Philalawyer asked me how I am able to come up with so much materialand I told him that I’m fortunate that psychology is such an accessible field. Whether in the officeon the street or even sitting at homethere’s some psychological principle at work. I try to simply watch and then attempt to talk about it in a way that people won’t find dry or boring.

That saidthere are always those times when you simply can’t think of anything at all to say. Nothing. The first time I had a very severe case of writer’s block I got really freaked out and my self-talk sent me into a horrific episode of anxiety. I’ve got nothing left in the tank. I have no more ideas to share. I can’t contribute any longer. I’m going to die oldalone and speechless. Partly out of boredom but more from desperationI reached out to kick-ass author Tom Perrotta. He helped me to be a little easier on myself and let the process flow organically.

This time around hasn’t been so easy. A few people recommended going with a stream of consciousness approachso I thought I’d give that a shot. What came of it was a very un-eroticfictional piece about me seducing female dentists in Europe. I later titled it “Psychology and Teeth: A Tale of Star-Crossed Lovers.” I’m not sure what Freud would have to say about that butfor our purposeslet’s just consider it an uglyfailed experiment.

So I’m going back to Tom’s advice and letting it come naturally. That will be better for everyone. Hopefully the issue will be resolved in a few days. If notbe prepared for some sordid tales of one shrink’s neurotic and highly unromantic journey through the dental industry across the pond.

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