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I'm Attractive and So Are the People I'd Have Sex With

Posted Aug 17 2013 2:48pm
I look in the mirror at night and grunt at my makeup-less reflection. Walking into the bedroom in a black tank top sans bra, and leggings, I ready myself for bed. As I bend over to tug at the leggings which are not stuck on my over-sized feet, I hear my husband from his side of the bed comment, "Hey sexy." I raise a brow, roll my eyes and comment under my breath about how ridiculous he is.

This has been a common situation in the past that is progressively correcting itself thanks to my new found body positivity.

I never used to understand how my husband saw me as sexy. How he could be attracted to me.

And recently I've begun to understand the difference between "acknowledging attractiveness", and "being attracted to". You see, I have what would probably be considered a very strange taste in men. Male celebrities to be exact.

While my friends and sister salivate over the likes of Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum, I prefer my men to have a little more character and a little less photoshop. And this is where the difference comes in. I can acknowledge that both Gosling and Tatum are attractive men, and I'm sure I'd blush in their presence and giggle like an idiot (because I do that with every celebrity I meet), but there's something about them that lacks kindling to get my fires burning.

Attractive Vs Attracted To.

People can totally be both! It's amazing. And thinking that way has really opened my eyes to how others see me, and how I perhaps should see myself.

Now, to get over the whole sentimental self discovery stuff, here's a list of the top celebrities that get my engine running, as opposed to their typical movie counterparts.

And naturally . . .

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