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I'm a PC Forced Into a Mac

Posted Nov 12 2012 6:25pm
Or an iPad to be more exact.
Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I remember the last time my computer broke. It was 2007 and I had gone to Utah take care of a cousin who needed help through a divorce. It was the first time that I spent more than a night away from my husband since we married. Matt and I don't do well apart from one another. I'm not able to sleep very well without him next to me, and he somehow can't manage to function.

After being gone for less than 24 hours he managed to lose his wallet, lock the keys in the car, rip his only pair of jeans, and break my computer. I was livid, not only did I have to be away from my home and my husband but I didn't even have the Internet waiting for me when I returned.

So when my computer crapped out on me the other night, Matt expected me to go into full-blown meltdown.

But we're in a new age of technology where the Internet is on my phone and never far from my reach. But there are still things that an android phone is incapable of doing when it comes to a bloggers life.

And so I was forced to pick up my husband's iPad.

I was against the iPad from the get-go, mostly because when he got his iPhone he suddenly became one of "those" Apple people where everything else is completely inferior. That, and for some reason whenever people tell me something is really really good and won't shut the hell up about it, I vow to never watch, use or acknowledge the trend. It's the reason I've never seen an episode of Greys Anatomy.

The Internet has become a huge part of my healing and dealing with chronic and mental illness. It's where my extended support system lives.

So despite the fact that it takes me twice as long to write a single blog post on an iPad, I find myself very grateful for the technology.
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