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I'll share all I know about depression but I'm not a doctor

Posted Jul 05 2009 10:21pm
I'll share all I know about depression but I'm not a doctor Recently I've received a comment from anonymous user who suffered from a loss of a loved one and asked for help. I answered but I would like to make it a separate post too for I think this is important. Several people who read my posts also asked me if I'm a doctor or a psychologist. The answer is no I am not.

I am a person who suffered depression for several years. Medical help was and is unavailable where I live so I had to deal with it by myself. I tried several medications which I managed to get without prescription which I do NOT recommend you to do because some meds have side-effects and other may not suit and even harm you. I was aware of this. I did suffer some side-effects. But I did it because we have a disaster of healthcare and we do not have any qualified professionals here who can even make a more or less accurate diagnosis say nothing of suitable treatment.

What is more important is that I did do some self-therapy. My inner voice was my patient and my doctor. I took time to sit and think and prosect my problems and my reactions and my thoughts. I cut my wounds open in order to see what causes the pain and how can I cure it. Now there is still lots of things to do. Some of my problems are solved but some wounds still cause lots and lots of pain and I still have to deal with them too. However I think I already have some experience and I know people may need it and this is why I started this blog - to share what I have learned. May be it'll help someone too.

But still. I am not a therapist. I am not a psychologist. I am a blogger. My posts may get you to the right idea or may make you think about something important, or even show you some way for your own self-help therapy. But if you realize you have a serious problem: you suffered abuse or loss of a loved one or whatever else. Please find some professional help. I do not want to take responsibility on treating you through the internet. Moreover I think it's ridiculous. I can give you an advice or tell you what is my opinion of your state or what I think you shall do. I can and will share all the experience that I have but to heal you I need to see you. To see your physical shape, to see your eyes and gestures when you talk. I need to have knowledge about meds that can be prescribed to some people and cannot to other ones. I would honestly like to help you because I know how it is to suffer depression but I am not the 1st and only person you should approach.

However if you my reader want to talk to me, to consider listening my opinion or knowing about my experience that you think might help you or you want me to listen to you - you may find my email in my profile. I publish it openly and I'm always there. Feel free to write.

Take care!

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