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I have got frequent vomiting recently and stomach pain. what is my problem? Is it cause of gastric ulcer or neuro deficiency

Posted by ayenyeinkhai

I have got frequent vomiting and stomach pain. what is my problem? Is it the cause of gastric ulcer or neuro deficiency? I got vomiting when i got a smell or something which is sensitve. I'd taken gastric medicine for about 3 months last few years. Why I frequently vomit? I want to know the cause. Plz tell me the solution. If you need more detail about symtoms , Plz reply. Thanks.
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   I also was suffering from somewhat similar symptoms recently. I felt really tired, bloated, back and/or stomach pain, nauseated for weeks at a time which               would often lead to vomiting. After a year & a half of feeling awful; like I was recovering from the flu, I told my Dr. & he ordered a Gallbladder Ultra-sound. Turns out, I had Gallstones. So the Dr. then scheduled an out-patient surgery to have my Gallbladder removed. Three weeks later I felt like my old self more nausea & vomiting. Maybe you should ask your Dr. if he thinks you having a gallbladder ultra sound is a good ideal.  Good luck!!

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