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I dont know whats wrong :(

Posted by Ellieb123

i skip from being happy, to crying, to being moody and agreesive daily. i lash out at the people i love and i shout, scream and act like a bitch, and then can be nice and have a laugh. ive tried to stop it for a few years but i dont know what else to do. i thought it was depression, but can depression snap this quickly?
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Have you seen a doctor like a primary care physician, and he/she may refer you to a psychiatrist for meds. If you don't want meds, then you should seek out a mental health therapist about these mood swings. My question is how long are each kind of spells how long have you had them, any auditory or visiual hallucinations? People with Bi-Polar on the severe side of the disorder can have rapid mood swings. There can be biological, chemical imbalances that can cause it too. There are other possible disorders, but it's hard to know what you are experiencing without an assessment.

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