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I Did a Strange Interview with a Strange Man: Ethics, Kids and Books

Posted Apr 07 2011 11:38am

Back in the day when I was writing for Rudius Media, one of my colleagues was a young, somewhat troubled young man named BC Woods. He wrote about his dysfunctional family and his methods of coping with what I like to call “a less than stellar upbringing.” It seems as though writing helped him a great deal, because now he has his own ebook and enough free time to ask me random, haphazard questions about my book, ethics and why I don’t like children (I’ve never seen someone so fascinated with what it would take to engage in a dual relationship). Below is an excerpt and click here to read the piece in its entirety:

Why don’t you like kids?

Like a lot of people, I confuse hate/dislike with fear. Kids scare the hell out of me. Babies cry and I have no clue what to do with them. They are brutally honest and I have no response for their candor. I don’t dislike them, I just have no idea how to interact with them. As you’ll see in my book, I had one child thinking I was both a terrorist and an anti-semite. It wasn’t his fault, I just have very poor interpersonal skills with children.

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