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I am worried that a local person is trying to commit me

Posted by gojam22

There are a couple of people at churches united shelter that seem to think they are qualified to admit people who are homeless, but seem quite a bit more stable than the staff members themselves.

 live in North dakot Fargo area and most of the people I have met working in this shelter are borderline insane them selves they abuse the homeless by preventing them from having water in the heat as well as decent edible food.


I member of the staff stood by  and watched a resident of the shelter get assaulted and when asked why he refused to call the police to protect the victim he proceeded to threaten the person who was attacked, the local police trust these dangerous employees and it greatly concerns me as they seem to think were all crazy I am certain they are

I have attempted to report these violations of employees Collin and Deborah many times but the locals and not sharp enough to see it is them that is the problem This place is in moorhead mn 56560 1901 1st Ave

I am really concerned they will be trying to commit people whose rights have been violated so often they are very depressed as a result of the treatment not because of a mental health issue as I have spent 2 months with diarhea

and lack of water and of course we are difficult but the insanity lies with the people who abuse them not the residents james or toni or cebrina who are currently very intimidated by this african man named collin who appears to be on a dangerous power trip

thank you very much

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