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I Am Not Giving Up

Posted Jul 13 2013 7:24pm
Since jumping head first into the body positive and fat acceptance movement, I've been overly blessed to read a number of blogs that have helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin. Bloggers who are productive, positive, fierce and gorgeous! One of those amazing women has been  The NearSighted Owl . I've had her eCourse, " How to Be a Fat Bitch " saved in my bookmarks for months, and now I'm diving in! So expect to see a few of these over the next few months.

Lesson One: You Are Not Giving Up

Ouch. Hard lesson much? It's a lesson I've been learning over the course of the last few years, but the phrase "give up" hits hard. It reminds me of times when I've been told not to give up. Not to give up on things that were wearing down my body and soul. Don't give up on that diet! Don't give up on that exercise! Don't give up on this medication, or that form of therapy, or trying to have a baby.

All "encouragements" implied that giving up was not only an option, but my fallback into my natural state, and that natural me was wrong and needed to be fixed. Don't give up on changing who you are. Certainly diets work for some and it makes them happy, but not me. Certainly exercise can be great for your health, but some forms can actually be dangerous for me. Likewise, when I was dealing with my mental illness, "giving up" on medication was a struggle because despite knowing that the pills weren't working and were in fact making me worse, I felt like a failure by finally saying no. When I did however, I felt wonderful.

So accepting my fat is not me "giving up". It's me saying that I refuse to alter my body to appease society. I refuse to allow other people to interfere with my appearance and health. The only thing I'm giving up, is my mistaken need for the approval of others. This bitch is going to love herself!

Assignment One: Write down 5 things that you are going to do that make you happy.
  1. Paint my nails a bright and happy color.
  2. Take photos more often.
  3. Wear lipstick as often as possible.
  4. Learn a new hobby.
  5. Have sex! (What? A fat bitch can't get her rocks off?) 

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