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i am having panic attacks, digestive and respiratory issues with my girlfriends pellet stove! Why is this happening?

Posted by blavoie44

Everytime I go to my girlfriends house for a couple days or so, my eyes get really really dry and a pain will go right up the back side of my head and up over it and down into my eyes, i can literally feel where the pain is coming from, so much that they hurt, both sides of my neck hurt, my stomach tightens up so when I eat it will not expand and with that occurrence I am not getting that extra breath and feel like my oxygen is being cutoff to a certain degree. And then my head with the chemical inbalance that is occuring makes me freak out and have a panic attack over it! My energy levels are decreasing and I feel like my insides are depleting from this darn stove! I am fine when I stay at my mothers, the effects will linger for a couple days and then start to improve again. But I cant just stop going to my girlfriends house, she wants to be home more with her son and I need to do something soon!

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This really sounds like an allergic reaction. Are you sure the pellet stove is the cause? You may need to become a bit of a sleuth to determine exactly what the source of your reaction is. If the stove is, indeed, the culprit, investigate other pellet sources or fuel alternatives. 

Good luck!


Is anyone else having a problem in that house?  Your girlfriend's stove may be giving off fumes that cause problems due to improper ventilation or cleaning.  You might want to discuss this with your family doctor to rule out other medical explanations.
I am sure, there is nothing in that house that makes me react, I put my fullest on it being this pellet stove. The problem is, is that it smokes up the house alot and it comes out the front of the unit and then you have to tend to it by opening the front door of it and exposing it to the flames and smoke in in the firepot, to the whole house. There are two vents with electric fans in the first floor to take the heat and blow it up from the cellar, so it takes whatever comes into play, the smoke being the worst obviously, and it happens ALOT, as far as the unit smoking up the house. This is a huge issue between me and my girlfriend, who, like I said, wants me to come there every night after work and eventually move in when I can afford it. We do not have thousands to spend on a heating system and the only other alternative is using the electric heat which is 700 dollars more to run then it is to the pellet stove! So its not even an option. I just dont know what to do! When I wake up, it feels like someone just gas-ed me and im incredibly loopy, my eyes kill, both sides of my neck, my breathing is terrible. Im a complete mess from this!

I mean there are general complaints, but they are nothing like mine. I do heating and air conditioning, I am eventually going to clean the pipe and the vents that are terrible as well. I have had anxiety and depression for 13years now, which has beaten and battered my body mentally and physically, and its almost like because of the weaknesses of my body, I am feeling these (if they are) allergic reactions from this stove that are unbearable. I go up a flight of stairs and it feels like I just did wind sprints for 20 minutes straight. I think there fumes getting into the house, its the only thing that I think could possibly be making me feel this way.

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