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How to Deal With Anxiety During Pregnancy?

Posted Apr 08 2013 3:17pm

Anxiety during pregnancyA woman is bound to get anxious during the period of pregnancy. She is carrying a life in her wombs and it is quite obvious to get nervous. That being said, it is the responsibility of husband and the other family members to keep the lady cheerful and happy all the time. This will lead to a successful delivery and high will be the chances of the baby being healthy.

Things don’t always go plan wise and many women start panicking during the time of pregnancy. Yes, anxiety during pregnancy is a reality and things get started with normal things such as what to eat, what to drink or even what to think. Pregnant women also start worrying about the health of the baby. Some are always occupied with the thoughts like whether she will become a good mother or not. You are bound to get tensed when you are pregnant, but, if your stress surpasses the limits, problems start right then. In such a case, pregnant women don’t understand that such kind of anxiety during pregnancy can actually cause their baby harm, than doing any good.

Below are some of the options that can be tried out if you understand that you are having anxiety during pregnancy. Remember, self-help is the best help till the time you have some sort of control on yourself:

Share the fears with the partner or others

This is the first step in dealing with anxiety during pregnancy. Share whatever fears you have with your partner. It is important for him to know about your thoughts as well. You are living with a person and it is most obvious that he will comfort you in the best possible manner. He may be having his concerns as well regarding having the baby. You two may share a few common tensions too and a discussion will certainly help you out. If you feel like doing it, you can share your thoughts with your family members or friends as well. Particularly, if you know other pregnant women, it is good to discuss with them as well. Pregnant women generally experience similar kind of worries and a discussion can be really fruitful.

Music therapy

This has been proven to work against anxiety during pregnancy. To do this successfully, you have to get professional help. The counselor will discuss with the soon-to-be mother and find out what kind of music she likes. It is seen that if the pregnant woman continues music therapy for seven days constitutively (one session is enough for each day and each session should be around of 30 minutes), positive results are immediately visible.

Counseling Sessions

This is extremely helpful if you actually feel the importance of the same. Mental counselors know what they’re doing and they are paid to do that job.

They understand how to deal with anxiety during pregnancy and they will offer the best possible help to you and your kid. Don’t hesitate to visit a counselor when things start getting problematic.

You can also visit a doctor to treat anxiety. But, doctors in such a crucial time of your life generally refrain from suggesting any sort of drugs. Medication is generally not made a part of anxiety disorder treatment during pregnancy, until it is absolutely mandatory to do so.

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