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How to Combat Cabin Fever

Posted Nov 10 2011 4:28pm
Many people get depressed during the winter months—we miss the longer days of summer and the sunny weather and great fun spending time outdoors. So, how do you deal with the winter weather blues and do you get cabin fever?

I am one of those people who enjoy the spring and summer months—and even fall, but do not like winter. Of course, I enjoy the Christmas season, but once that’s over I can’t wait to get through January and February. No, I don’t want to rush through two months and move time ahead too fast; however, I wish we could just pass over the winter season. Though, winter is so necessary. It’s part of the cycle of the seasons and brings forth the birth of spring. 

How can you deal with the winter weather blues? One thing that is very important is to maintain a healthy balance in your emotional and spiritual health—that is the key to dealing with additional stress and depression. My husband and I do read the Bible and pray together every day and we try to spend some time alone with the Lord in prayer as well. Of course, I understand that spiritual health is not high on the list for everyone, so just take this advice with a grain of salt and use what you need to use from this information. 

Try to get into an exercise routine. It’s great to have this throughout the entire year, but is especially important in the winter months because we don’t always get outside as much for recreational activities like we do in the warmer weather. Also, with the holidays, we tend to eat more as we’re invited to many parties and we are so busy that we don’t always find the time to exercise. Exercise at least three times a week. If you can’t get out to the gym, find a good exercise DVD that you enjoy and workout with that or do Pilates or Yoga. 

Make sure you keep drinking water each day and balance out a low sugar and low fat diet in your day-to-day meals because you’re most likely going to be eating less than healthy foods at some of the parties you’ll be attending. Don’t forget about taking vitamins each day and get the right amount of sleep (6 – 8 hours is recommended) and rest that you’ll need. 

In the wintertime, we don’t get the same amount of vitamin D from the sun as we do during the summer months, so don’t forget to take an added vitamin D supplement. I drink orange juice each day as well. Another way to boost your mood is to take fish oil supplements and vitamin B supplements. 

Try to have fun indoors. Make a family game night. Catch up on watching your favorite TV shows or movies you’ve wanted to see. Take the time to hang out with friends and go out as well. What do you do in the winter months to combat the winter blues? 
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