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How Good Is Your Face Perception?

Posted Jan 27 2010 10:55am

In Biopsych, we often use prosopagnosia as a fun clinical example of what can go wrong with perception. However, it also appears that people can not only be impaired in facial recognition, but some are actually quite gifted–literally never forgetting a face. These “super recognizers” can recognize blurred faces, aged faces, and faces they have only seen in a crowd for a few seconds. Researchers are going to look for differences in brain activity that might account for this enhanced perception and memory.

"Super Recognizers" Can Even Pick Out Familiar Faces In Blurred Photos Like This One

If you want to test your face recognition abilities, the BBC has a fun test here.  I have never believed that I’m very good at remembering faces, and I was surprised at how well I did on this test.

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