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How do I know which type I am? Thinker or Talker

Posted Nov 21 2009 12:00am

When we meet people we want to know two things - what kind of mood are they in? good bad, high or low energy? and secondly, what kind of a person are they? will we be friends? or fight to the death?

Mood Mapping and Matrix Psychology give you the answers to the fundamental question
Can I eat, fight, or shag that person before he or she eats me, fights me or shags me?

There are four basic types of human depending on which functions are dominant. Just as people are left handed or right handed, equally people tend to either talk or think. Just because you are right handed doesn't mean you can't use your left hand. Most things we do need both hands, but each person tends to lead with either their left hand or right hand. Some people lead with thinking and other people lead with talking.

Thinkers tend to think out problems first. They rely on their own mind to decide what they believe. Talkers on the other hand, tend to work problems out by talking about them with other people. Talkers externalise their problems, Thinkers internalise their problems and rely primarily on their own brains.

This does not mean that a "Talker" cannot think or cannot be creative, only that they prefer Talking and they get their best results when they talk about problems, rather than stew on them in isolation.

Thinking people like their thoughts, their brains can go places that a Talker can barely imagine. A Thinking person has a depth that forever fascinates the Talker

Are you primarily a Talker or a Thinker? Because this is fundamental to your personality

Thinking is introvert and Talking is extrovert way of using your mind. Relationships depend on team work, if everyone talks, no one thinks, and if everyone thinks about the problem communication suffers.

The best teams include Talkers and Thinkers in more or less equal measure. Matrix Psychology builds the links between people and makes the best team possible. A relationship is a team of two and the fundamental building block of human interaction.

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Copyright (c) Dr. Liz Miller

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Copyright (c) Dr. Liz Miller
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