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how do i have someone committed in the state of minnesota

Posted by Shari

this person is also an alcoholic and has an eating disorder, she is close to losing her life body is starting to shut down or not function in a correct manner
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It's very difficult to commit a person against their will. Usually to commit someone involuntarily you have to have the courts strip them of their rights so you can force them to go get help. What complicates it even more is that the laws regarding this process differ from state to state so you'll have to naivgate the legal system for minnesota specifically. 


Here are some things you can look at to help you get started:


Another option is also to try to have an intervention, which will hopefully show the person how much you care and help them realize they really need help. Even if you commit someone they won't be helped if they're not open to it, and this might be the best way to get them to open up to treatment.  Really sorry about your situation, hope it all goes well. 

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