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how can i legal help with my son?

Posted by kascey

he was diginosied as having a IQ of 70 and now for the crime he did comment he is spending 75 to life in a state prison in confidened cell. he needs help not to be put away for something that he needs help with....  
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In California, there are social service agencies (Regional Centers) that covers the entire state for mild retardation or borderline intellectual functioning.  He would not be able to receive services as he is in prison; however, they could recommend where you can find legal resources.  In other states they have similar, but not interconnected social services such as California. You could try looking in the yellow pages or the internet for mental retardation services in...  If you only obtain agencies that are like "day programs" for such individuals ask them who provides funding as Regional Centers and the like "pay for such things."  Good luck.  I can give you more information if you are in California, but I would need the city in which you live or where the prison is.  If you are in a different state, I could do the same, but would need the same information.
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