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Hi. Does having depression impair your judgement?

Posted by devon1

Has it been medically proven that having depression can attribute to impairing a person's judgement?
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It depends on how severe the depression is and how effectively someone is coping with it.  Depression can certainly affect many judgment tasks as well as concentration and  short-term memory.  It's important for someone with depression to have a good social support network to help them deal with a world that has becoming increasingly harder to handle.  Counseling can help depressed people gain a better understanding of how depression is affecting them and how they can cope more effectively.
There are PET scans that show that the brain is less active in those that are diagnosed with depression.  As Dr. Romeo has stated, it affects concentration and short-term memory.  It also affect the ability to focus.  Sometimes, medications and/or psychotherapy can help with these symptoms.  It is also a good idea to have a complete physical to rule out any medical problems that may cause depression.  Yes, there are proven medical studies
Yes! Depression does impair judgement. Depressed people often misinterpret situations, comments, other people's actions, etc. It is not uncommon for a depressed person to feel worthless, guilty, anxious or angry--all completely unrelated to circumstances in their live. Depression changes the way we perceive and relate.
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