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Posted Oct 22 2008 4:24pm

I am indebted to Jennifer Nicole Lee for the above title of this post.  Jennifer wrote a post entitled “ Health Starts in the Mind and Flows to the Body-Retain Your Mind and Clean Out Your Mental House “.

Jennifer had seven very strategies for developing the right mental attitude for achieving success and improving the quality of your life.

The strategies are:

  1. “Have a crystal-clear vision of what you want to achieve”.
  2. “Clean out your mental house”!
  3. “Treat yourself with respect”!
  4. “Be creative”!
  5. “Put fitness first: well not exactly first, but make it a top priority”.
  6. “Set yourself up for success”.
  7. “Compel and coerce through pain”.

Jennifer has identified seven important changes in attitude that are necessary for successfully improving the quality of our lives.  She presented the seven strategies for helping people lose weight.  The strategies would also work for solving any problem or reaching any goal.  She has some very practical ways for keeping motivation.

These seven strategies indicate how difficult it is to maintain a good mindset for improvement.  Self-analysis and remembering to change one’s thinking is very difficult and that is why I developed a mental fitness program. 

A mental fitness program provides exercises to retrain and organize one’s brain for success. 

With a mental fitness program exercises replace self-analysis.  With a mental fitness program, repetition of exercises negates the necessity for tedious self-analysis.  With a mental fitness program, your mind becomes strong and capable of improving your life without having to run through a mental checklist of things to remember.

It is important to retrain your mind and clean out your mental house!  How do you want to do it? 

Please CONTACT ME if you want more information on mental fitness programming.  If you would like more information on The North Star Mental Fitness Program, please CLICK HERE.

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