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Health, Mental Fitness And Your Unconscious Mind

Posted Nov 01 2008 8:19am

I read a very interesting article on the unconscious mind by Doctor Edward Leyton.  Doctor Leyton’s article was “ The Power of the Unconscious Mind”.   In this article the various functions of the unconscious mind were enumerated. 

This following quotation from Doctor Leyton explains the dilemma regarding our unconscious mind and the increasing stress and stress-related illnesses we are prone to experience.  Doctor Leyton wrote:

“When we are stressed today, we tighten the same muscles that we used to fight or flee 10,000 years ago. But today there is ‘nowhere to run’ so the stress builds up. Here are some ways to ‘talk to your unconscious’ so that it can learn new patterns”.

Doctor Leyton’s words ‘talk your unconscious’ may seem strange to you.  Talking to your unconscious may even make you feel uncomfortable. 

Maybe you never even thought about talking to your unconscious mind to change your unconscious mind.  Maybe you never thought about talking your unconscious mind to change or improve your health.  Maybe you never thought about your unconscious mind as causing health problems.  Maybe never thought about programming your unconscious mind to be healthy or overcome illness.

Unconscious thoughts steer our lives without our conscious awareness.  Our conscious mind makes numerous decisions throughout everyday for all of us.  It is important to remember that the power of the conscious mind is either neutralized or empowered by the unconscious mind.

Oftentimes we are completely unaware of these thoughts operated in our unconscious mind.  We only see evidence of the thoughts in our lives.  We sometimes fail to utilize our abilities and resources to solve problems, improve our relationships and our health.  In spite of our conscious efforts, their, oftentimes, is a stronger power that seems to dictate the outcome of our lives.  This power is, oftentimes, the unconscious mind.

It is exciting to think that we can change our unconscious mind and improve our health.  In order to do so, we must not only think in a way that generates health, we must think healthy in a very repetitive, frequent and determined manner.  This is where mental fitness training takes the stage and comes in to change our unconscious mind and hence our health.

Mental Fitness Training is talking to our unconscious mind as well as our conscious mind.  Mental Fitness training is repetitive exercises of thoughts that generate greater mental and physical health. Mental Fitness training is repetition of thoughts much as one might do sets of physical exercises.  The more health generating thoughts are repetitively thought, the the stronger the thoughts become in our unconscious mind.  Mental Fitness Training is repeating exercises that change how your conscious and unconscious mind work.

We can change our unconscious mind through mental fitness training.   After our conscious thoughts change our unconscious mind, our unconscious mind can then change our health and our ability to cope with stress.  After we had changed our unconscious mind byconscious repetition of healthy thoughts, our conscious and unconscious mind can then work in harmony to create greater health for us and greater well-being for us in all aspects of our lives.

To summarize, if you want to change your health for the better, don’t forget the importance of your conscious and unconscious thinking.  Learn to think  healthy thoughts and thoughts to change how your unconscious mind works.  Check out The North Star Mental Fitness Program if you’re interested in improving your health and psychological well-being.

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