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Happy Heart, Mind, Body

Posted Apr 15 2009 11:34pm

My last two posts,  Improve Your Brain Health Prognosis and  Pollyanna-Power!, seem dissonant; but close observation reveals that they spring from the same root: Loving and respecting one’s self. And there may be nothing more vital to our ultimate happiness and success than those two things.

If you haven’t learned to love yourself, how can you love another?

If you have no self-respect, can you offer or receive respect to/from another?

Nearly impossible.

Loving kindness, acceptance, encouragement, achievement and so many other positive attributes begin within and grow outward and upward. Your ability to be strong, mighty, happy and healthy germinates inside you.

Self love and self respect propagate a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Whether conscious or not, we make dozens of choices every day based on how we feel about ourselves. When we love and respect ourselves we want to feel good, to do our best work and to be our best person. We want to be happy and know that we deserve that happiness.

Some self-loving decisions we make include choosing to:

  • Eat healthfully in order to nourish our bodies and provide the fuel to keep it going.
  • Exercise to maintain strong, fit muscles and bones that carry us contentedly on our journey.
  • See our medical practitioners when necessary, and follow their advice.
  • Seek intellectual stimulation, new experiences and increased knowledge.
  • Recognize our spirituality as an integral part of the human experience and nurture it.
  • Conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity, and without fear.
  • Cultivate a positive attitude, recognizing our gifts and blessings and taking action when injustice creeps in.

When we appropriately care for ourselves, we choose to live happily, healthfully.

We choose to live well.

And it starts with self love and respect.

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