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Group Therapy

Posted Aug 24 2010 8:44am

On Monday, I attended my first Depression Group. It was rather nice. There were only four other people who attended. My counselor said that usually there are more people, but not too many more. The people I met were warm and friendly. They made me feel welcome.  I am very relieved things went well and I seemed to fit into the group dynamics.Right now, the plan is for me to go to the group therapy sessions every Monday and meet with my counselor every two weeks.

I found out that the psychiatrist will be leaving the treatment center.  He found a place closer to his home.  His last day will be Thursday.  The thought of having to get used to a new psychiatrist has me anxious.  I know that change, for the most part, is good, and it is a vital part of life, however, I feel like I am going to have to reinvent the wheel with the new psychiatrist.

The good part of this change is that instead of only having a doctor available two days a week, there will be one available all four days during the week that the center is open.  There will be a doctor available in person two days a week, and the other two days a doctor will be available through something called TeleDoc.  Basically, a monitor with a doctor on a live feed from his location.  That actually seems pretty cool to me.  I am sure that will mean less wait time to start new patients on medications or less wait time if an established patient is having issues with their medications.

Even with my anxiety over the psychiatrist changes, I think Monday went really well and I am looking forward to the next group session.

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