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Group And Hanging Out

Posted Jan 19 2011 6:03pm

Today has been a long day. Not in a bad way. It has been long because I have been up since 3 AM. Group was today, and I needed to get on the road by 5 am to make it on time. Even with heavy traffic in down town Atlanta, I made it up here early, allowing me time to pick up some medications from the free clinic I go to.

I really enjoyed group. There was just me, and one other person in it. The other person in group today is my friend who lives almost across the road from where I used to live. With there only being two of us in group today, we both got to share a great deal about what is going on with us without feeling rushed. After group, my friend went to my old house with  me so I could pick up a few more things. Since then I have been hanging out at her house.

It is so nice to be able to hang out with someone without feeling like I have to talk, or entertain them in some way. She is on her computer, I am on mine. The TV is on and we are both enjoying the comfortable silence. I also know that if I wanted to, I could just stretch out on her couch, and take a nap.

It has been years since I have allowed myself to enjoy a friendship like this. In the past friendships meant stress, and being uncomfortable. Part of the source of the stress, and uncomfortable feelings were as a result of not knowing how Joe Bob would behave, or what he would say. I often allowed my mood to be affected by his mood. That means many times I felt down, and out because of something he said before we hung out with friends.

I saw something – while I was on the phone with my mother – that greatly amused me. I took a picture of it….My friend tells me that one of them is named Princess Pork Chop.

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Posted by Melissa Shell at 6:03 pm
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