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Goodnight Moon

Posted Apr 28 2010 10:15pm

This is an amazing moment from an amazing television show, in which Kima from “The Wire” improvises a version of the children’s book Goodnight Moon with her son.

We were not inspired by a children’s book, but we do have a nightly ritual that we say to wish each other a pleasant rest. I was inspired to create one after my various exposure to 12 step programs. [I've attended several AA meetings to support friends, and OA meetings to support my wife, and Al-Anon meetings to support me.] David Foster Wallace, in the life-changing book Infinite Jest, basically explains that the seemingly trite and cliched sayings from 12 step programs–One Day At A Time, Easy Does It, It Works If You Work It, etc etc etc–all sound so trivial and meaningless, but when you say them over and over and over again, they start to become real. It is with that in mind that I created a nightly mantra for my wife and I. She says a line, then I repeat it. We go through the whole thing 5 times. It acknowledges that we both are hurting, but that we both are improving….independently, but together.

You’re getting better.
You’re getting better.

I’m getting better.
I’m getting better.

We’re getting better.
We’re getting better.

Repeat 5 times, and fall asleep. Which I’m off to do.

Thanks to those who read my post about the MIL and responded. You are kind people. I’ll update when there is an update.

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