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God never promised us a rose garden...

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:23pm 2 Comments

God never promised us a rose garden, but he did sow a seed in each of us.

I saw this quote everyday during my childhood and teenage years —it was on a plaque in my parent’s bedroom. It always made me think about the supposed seed inside each of us.

As a teenager mired in depression, I never even hoped for a rose garden, but I did wonder about that one little seed. Each day I desperately wished that the seed inside of me would grow and bloom, but each time I searched my soul all I found was emptiness. No matter how hard I looked for that seed of hope, all I found was despair. It almost seemed funny that some people expected a rose garden when I all wanted was one little seed.

Today I must admit that time, therapy and medication has brought that little seed to life. In fact, that one little seed has really started to bloom and create a garden all of its own. Now when I look for roses, I don’t just look inside, but all around me. My beautiful baby girl is a rose garden onto herself, my husband is another rose and family and friends help round out my diverse garden in life.

Sure, some days I forget to water some of my flowers and other days I just plain stomp on every flower I see. But I’m working on cultivating my garden and am proud that it came from just one little seed that I didn’t even know was inside of me.
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Well written god does sow a seed in each of us. Gardens have a calming affect, with me anyway. I do like the smell of roses and the color they provide. 


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