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Go With The Flow

Posted Dec 08 2010 9:51pm

I don't know about you, but when I get sick, be it a cold, the flu, etc. my depression seems to take a slight tumble.  I then worry about slipping into full-blown panic mode.  When I'm sick I feel isolated and alone.  I suppose being confined to bed and having to quarantine myself off from the world doesn't really help much.  Because my depression already makes me feel this way, being sick doesn't help matters.

I bring this up because I started to feel sick last week which then forced me to cancel any plans I had... plans I make to force myself out of the house to keep my depression at bay.   Okay I thought, I'll be better by next week and things will be back to normal...  Wishful thinking.  Just when I thought I was starting to get better things took a turn for the worse.  Yesterday I was laid up in bed all day with a fever.  At least today the fever broke, but I'm still out of it - in zombie-mode if you will.  And now I'm two weeks off my routine. 

I'm frustrated because I was doing so good... I was feeling upbeat about life and was on-track will all of my holiday "duties"... it's not much, but to me it was everything that was keeping me together.  Throw a nasty cold into the mix and everything goes haywire.  My positive attitude wanes,  the motivation to leave my house goes AWOL...  I can't focus on the current book I'm reading, or on any of the numerous blogs I follow... so what can I do? 

For starters, I can change my attitude.  I can listen to my own advice.  I can learn to accept the things I that I can not change.  I can stop having a pity party for myself.  I can remind myself that this cold will not last forever and to be thankful that it is just a cold and not something worse... I must remind myself that our thoughts are quite powerful and therefore I will not dwell on the negative ones.  I must remind myself to stay positive and that I am only human.  If I continue to do these things I have a feeling I'll be back on track in no time! 

Note:  More than likely, this post sounds discombobulated to which I then blame numerous cold and flu medications, not to mention my regular medications... and therefore it should be taken with a grain of salt...  : )

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