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Gas, Belching and RAD

Posted Sep 01 2009 5:48pm
That could be a song!

Gas, Belching and RAD
Best time I ever had.
Each time in the car
My child became sad.
Suddenly everyone yelled

There are some physical and emotional reasons driving this physical phenomenon in our children. Their anxiety level has their stomachs in an uproar. This can cause gas and belching. Here are some sites that talk about it.

Nancy Thomas

Right Health has a variety of articles on which you can click

Think of how your stomach feels when you are getting ready to take a test, perform or speak on a stage, or about to have a frightening medical procedure. Our children live in a state of hyperarousal. This is due to actual changes in the brain. I try to sometimes think of my child as traumatized rather than having RAD and it helps me to be more sympathetic or empathetic toward them. When the gas starts I know they are feeling unsafe. In fact with one of ours it is a sure sign that he is feeling a lot of fear at that moment.

What to do: Talk to your child about what to do. Go to the bathroom to relieve himself. Talk about the fear. Comfort and calm your child. Rather than think "This child is trying to offend me." Think "This child is so afraid it is upsetting his whole digestive system!" I keep some cheap nice smelling body splash in my car and spray it around if need be. I often don't say a word but just start spraying.

YES: Sometimes it is just to annoy you. If you let it annoy you then you are reinforcing the behavior. If it is at home it is easy because you can send them to the bathroom. For us it is more likely to happen in the car. So I roll down windows for a few minutes. Sometimes it is too hot or cold but it is worth it for a few minutes.

Educate: Let your child know that while this is a normal bodily function it is something that can be learned to controlled to an extent.

Belching: Everyone burps. We just expect it to be done with the mouth closed and followed by "excuse me." Anything other than that results in "You my come back and eat when I am done." I do realize different families view this in different ways. I know in some the whole family belches away. I'm an ol'fuddyduddy so not at our house.

Realize: You can't control bodily functions. What goes in and what comes out is really in their control so don't get to hung up on it. Remember the underlying factors that may be involved.

Have a healing day!
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