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From the “Law of Unintended Consequences” Department...

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:23pm

The advance of technology has been amazing. I mean, we are at the point where Wi–Fi is being offered on airplanes. Think of the increase in productivity, customer satisfaction, and potential for further advancement!


Not that you couldn’t see this debate coming. Actually, I think it was while watching Manhunter (the original movie based on the book Red Dragon) that this issue was indirectly broached, as the criminal profiler had fallen asleep on the plane with his case file opened, and pictures of the victims were seen by the child sitting across the aisle from him. Whoops.

In this case, I gotta side with the flight attendants. I’m all for individual rights, but planes are a private company, and if they don’t address this, they are going to lose a ton of business. In addition, the kind of guy who’s going to watch porn on a flight is certainly not the kind of guy I want to have to look at/sit next to while he’s watching porn on a flight (get that air bag ready, that visual is worse than hurricane-level turbulence). Come on, wait an hour or two: the porn’ll still be there when you land...

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