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Facebook Changes

Posted Dec 14 2011 4:06pm
Hey y'all.

So because Facebook has been making all these changes and such lately, I've been noticing less and less activity on my Facebook page from readers. Because of this (and my lack of focus in having two facebook pages) I asked you all last week what you think I should do. By a unanimous vote, I've decided to merge my Facebook pages into one.

If you're currently following my Facebook page, you'll want to click over to my main profile and add me as a friend and make sure you're subscribed to my status updates. I'll leave the other page up for a week or so to let everyone switch over, but then I'll be deleting it.

Hopefully this will help me connect better with you, my readers, because isn't that what Facebook is all about? (Other than stalking your ex, spying on your friends and watching your parents attempt to figure out the internet.)

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