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Face Plant Part II

Posted Aug 08 2010 10:49am

So….when my mom came home I told her about my face plant incident and how I did not even remember falling.  Just that one second I was walking and the next I was laying face down in the road, and it was obvious that I had not even tried to stop my fall.  She said that I had experienced Syncope….

Syncope is the proper medical terminology for a sudden loss of consciousness, or fainting. While the underlying causes for syncope vary, the phenomenon is relatively common. Chances are that every person will experience an episode of passing out with little or no warning at some point during his or her life.

After doing some research, I think my Syncope episode was most likely caused by my medication combination, especially since the pain pills were added to the mix. I had not taken any pain pills for days and then Friday my MRSA infection became very painful again. My husband encouraged me to take some pain medication so I wold not be miserable all night. Also, in my research I discovered that psychiatric medications and blood pressure medications can lead to Syncope. I chose not to be looked at by a doctor after I fell this morning, however, if I do that again today or in the next few days, I will go let a doctor examine me, just to make sure that everything is OK.

What I do know is that I feel completely wiped out. As if I could sleep for days and days.

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