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Emotional Rescue Footage of Chilean Miner Mario Sepulveda

Posted Oct 13 2010 4:49pm
What have I been doing all day? I've been glued to the TV - watching as each and every miner has been raised to the Earth's surface... witnessing each expression on their faces as they are finally able to see their loved ones. Currently 30 of the 33 have been freed - with only 3 more to go! There is absolutely no way anyone will be able to pull me away from my TV! Oooh no! I won't stop watching until every last miner is out of that horrible pit they've been living in for the past 69 days.

The best reaction came from the second miner who was freed, Mario Sepulveda,  who shouted "Let's go! Let's go!" from the capsule - as he drew closer to the surface! The following video says it all

I was absolutely stunned and amazed by the amount of energy and enthusiasm Sepulveda exhibited as he stepped out of the capsule! Never mind the fact that he had been living in a dark, tight, and sweltering space more than 2,000 feet underground for over 2 months!

What I wish the above video showed was how, after he hugged his wife, Chile's President, and many others, he then proceeded to go over to the crowd of supporters and then continued to hug them too and pump his fists in the air! He had everyone worked up, chanting, and laughing! Every single time I see the footage of it I grin from ear to ear.

It has not gotten old either - seeing each person come up from the mine - and seeing their reactions, their loved ones reactions, the President's reaction... Each and every rescue gives me chills just as much as the first one did! I'm serious - watching this has been good for my soul! My depression has seriously been put on the back burner for now - this heartwarming story has temporarily cheered me up more than any antidepressant could ever do!

Only time will tell what type of effect this will have on their mental health. Obviously Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is on everyone's minds - but I'm not so sure it's on the mind of these miners - not after seeing their displays of courage and joy! :)

I hope you enjoy the above clip as much as I did and I hope it brought a smile to your face!!

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