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Does Personality Play a Role in Body Weight?

Posted Aug 29 2011 7:50pm
What's your personality? Does personality play a role in body weight? Do you have a fitness routine or how do you stay in shape?

According to an article from  Science Daily  (July 18, 2011), "People with traits of high neuroticism and low conscientiousness are likely to go through cycles of gaining and losing weight throughout their lives, according to an examination of 50 years of data in a study published by the American Psychological Association."

For more information on this study, you can check out the following link:

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you think personality plays a role in body weight? 

So while we're on this subject, do you have a fitness routine? How do you keep in shape?

My husband, mom and I go to the gym three times a week. We do plyometrics on Mondays and also do laps in the pool. Plyometrics combine fast movements with strength training to promote better cardiovascular health and speed and agility. 

The other two days of week one we work on back and biceps then legs. The next week, we are back to plyometrics and swimming on Mondays and the other two days we work on chest, shoulders and triceps and then the final day we do a total body workout. During this strength training, we utilize the weight machines in the gym and do three sets of reps on 6 - 8 machines each workout day, along with a 20 minute cardio workout on the treadmill, elliptical trainers, stair-steppers  or bikes.

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